Today we're just doing a quick update on where things stand and what some future plans are.


Although I am still job searching within the IT market, I have some tentative plans outside of the market until I am able to get back into an IT position.

Currently I have a few job leads, but I will most likely need something else to stem the tide until a job comes through. If I'm not able to get a job in the next couple weeks, I plan to go back into a retail/fast food position temporarily and focus a lot on this site and working side jobs.

Unfortunately, because I have not spent as much time as I had initially hoped on this site, I do not have very many customers in need of support. I'm working on building my customer base now and getting into a self-employed mindset and really marketing my services.

In the meantime, while I'm not marketing my services, I'm spending a good deal of time with Twitch streaming in hopes of building a good base there and possibly making a career out of Twitch streaming and Youtube.

If you or someone you know is in need of technical support, I'm available at any time to work with you to meet your needs. Please use the Contact Us page and review the Rates page for information about how I work and what is available.


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