After job searching for almost 4 weeks, I've started to realize that my rates are not in line with the market. While I do try to keep my rates as low as possible so that I can offer a great value for the price, I'm cheating myself and my customers out of the greatest value of all.



Even though I enjoy the work that I do, I haven't felt like my heart has truly been in the work because my rates have been too low. While I'm not in this work to make money, I do have to keep my family well-being in mind.

After doing some calculations of my own to find what I would really need as an hourly rate for contract work, I decided it was time to do the same for any work that I do on my own. After finding what I would absolutely require, especially with tax rates in mind, I've decided to increase my rates so that if necessary I would be able to provide for my family.

Increasing the rates will hopefully take this from more of a hobby to something that I really want to do and will put my whole heart into it. This will not only help me provide for my family, it will give the customer a better experience and ensure that the best work is done.

Check out the new rates on our rates page.

Job Update

The two good leads that I had previously have fallen through, but I have two new leads look very promising. In the meantime I am continuing to pursue the possibility of self-employment (possibly including some contract work) and/or becoming a full-time streamer.

If I were able to become a full-time streamer, I would need to bite the bullet and finally build my PC. I've been working on putting together a parts list, and currently my build comes to $1300. You can see the build here.

With PC builds being one of the things that I enjoy the most, I am looking forward to being able to complete this build, improving my stream quality, and using this build as a stepping stone to even more builds in the future.

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