While I have been absent from updating my website for quite some time now, my career has been progressing. I've now been at Röchling Automotive USA, LLP for nearly 3 years and my responsibilities have been gradually increasing over that time.

I started as just an IT Technician to handle daily end user support tasks and setting up new computers. Since then, I've taken on the responsibility of not only managing thee Help Desk, but implementing a ticket system to be used in North American operations for IT.

My current role with the company is still titled IT Technician, but my responsibilities have increased to encompasses AD and GPO management, server maintenance, hypervisor administration, network administration, and all of my previous responsibilities.

With the direction my career has been going, I have decided to begin working on my MCSA and begin setting my career path for a position as a Systems Administrator. Whether that position will be with my current company or another remains to be seen, but I am very excited for the direction my career is going.

Blog Plans

Since I am rebuilding my website from scratch, I'm also going to try to post to my blog on a regular basis. Tentatively I am hoping to post every Saturday. Check back regularly for updates.

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